>Psalm 91


the fowler’s foolin’ with me
noisome pestilence decibel drips
on my forehead
I can’t remember where I
put the secret place
there are shadows that
pass over me
his feathers tickle my trust
his truth buckles me
a shield hard to lift
oblivious to terrors and arrows
I sleep walk and day dream
a thousand I see not
and ten thousand  aren’t
right in my hand
neither  should they be
the wicked get a reward
no evil  no plague near me dwell
angels are in charge of me
held in their hands
no stubbed toes
the lion snake dragon
are stair steps
how do I set love
my love on
I am not good with names
pick up the phone
truth and trust
deliver me where
honour me why
keep showing me
in the little lengths of life

3 thoughts on “>Psalm 91

  1. >love how you end this – the rhythm is fantastic..truth and trustdeliver me wherehonour me whykeep showing mein the little lengths of life..think i'll read psalm 91 tonight…

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