>Off or On? For Theme Thursdays

>Why of course I am off or on.  It’s all about me being off or on. 
I am off to bed.
I am off to the races.
I am off around 7:00.
I am off with my head!
I am an oaf when I am off.

I am on cue.
I am on the money.
I am on time…
I am on the spot.
I am on medication.

I am human.  Which means I am off AND on.  Ask my wife.  Ask my kids.  Ask my schizophrenia. 
Siobhan, I mean really, I know you meant well with your suggestion, but why turn a theme into a counseling session?  Why are you flicking my switch?  I am sensitive.  Don’t you know me by now? 

OK OK…deep breaths.

This theme is playing me like a light switch.  One light that I wish my children would leave on.  I wish I could waste some of my electricity.   Why couldn’t the theme ask if I was a dimmer switch?  I could set the light in the middle some where where I am comfortable.  (no, I didn’t say dumber switch!) Life isn’t always as easy as off or on.  There are moods and emotions at play.  They are on their way off.  They are on their way on.

Oh, that I was either off or on.  My new writing friends, don’t spew me out of your mouth.

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