>Blog Picking

>I am a bit overwhelmed with all that is out there.  Even in the High Callings network.  I can’t see the forest through the blogs.  The honeymoon is coming to an end.  Oh, but now to settle into commitment and find my voice.  Is it possible to get laryngitis on a blog?  

So, the blog has to take its rightful place, no?  No more picking blogs out of my nose.  No more writing with the goal of counting comments.  Jr. High stuff.  I admit it.  Motivations need modifying. 

Just like a first love…for a girl, for Jesus, for writing, I must return to passion pure and simple.  I am not pointing any fingers.  On the contrary, I have read so many fantastic first love bloggings.  Creativity gone wild and set free and vulnerably laid out in cyberspace with no strings attached.   So many new friends and hearts of passion. 

Maybe I am being way too serious here.  Maybe I am PMSing.  Maybe I am being a normal introverted writer type.

If we were to set all the blogs end to end they would reach around the sun and back. 
If each word were a Lego block we could build all sort of cool stuff.
If every image were laid translucent on top of each other the beauty would electrocute us.

Maybe I should pour a cup of Billy Coffey
or learn how to tweet like Duane Scott
or triangulate Faith, Fiction, and Friends
or Jingle one of my friends
or wag a Prairie Tale
or stand outside under the SPLITTERGEWITTER fearless
or pull over to the Weighstation
or cup my hands and drink from the Wellspring
or try to forge bkm’s Signature
or “fiddle” around on Steveroni’s Blog
or get caught by a sharp Talon
or try Thinking With An Open Mouth
or water a Seedling in Stone

I am about to go peruse Glynn’s weekend findings and wonder how many I have time to read this weekend.  One thing is for sure…I will not be dissapointed.

6 thoughts on “>Blog Picking

  1. >oh jerry – i really like this! i started to blog in march and it was and is like an adventure trail …i stumbled through a jungle of blogs and "met" the most interesting people. i tried this and that (even changed my posting language from german to english) and after a while discovered that poetry is my voice…so i'm standing here, right in the middle of the jungle, watch the birds and bugs and beautiful flowers…meet more people…love their style of writing..re-think my ambitions…re-direct my trajectory..and let my voice (as it is for the moment) flow into the blog stream…heading for the ocean…ha haand by the way – i really like your style of writing!

  2. >It is mind-boggling when you have such a smorgasbord right at your fingertips. And it looks like you've found some awesome blogs to enjoy. And I'm honored to be on that list. That's the thing I never even thought about when I first started blogging (3 years this coming April) – that anyone else would actually want to look at what I wrote or the photos I posted or whatever. Sounds silly, but I started a blog as a creative outlet and didn't know a single person in my personal life who blogged, so started it blindly. And the opportunity to meet some amazing people has been the best part of blogging by far for me.

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