>Take Off…..For theme thursday


Take off
and don’t look down
on yourself
reinvent your wheel
as the spokes so
fast they idle
and slowly reverse
dust lifts and is
blown where
you used to be
it lays asleep
in your field of dreams
Keep them turning
deny the illusion
and roll on the
ruts as anchors
to your soul
serve you well
to move ahead
until the gravel
into the field of dreams

5 thoughts on “>Take Off…..For theme thursday

  1. >Nobody commented on this yet? I'm surprised, since they had to by-pass it on the way to your 55.I liked the idea of taking off and NOT looking down at yourself while you do – it speaks to self-doubt and the way it keeps people from achieving lift-off.Very uplifting and motivating, Jerry.

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