>Beach Bowling for ONE SHOT


Beach Bowling
Is it possible to be under whelmed?
I formed a ball of wet sand
and gently rolled it onto the beach line.
It unraveled as it spun down the line.
It peeled off grains until it vanished.
The graceful release caught the attention
of friends and brought a chuckle
and a bit of amazement.
I build my world like a ball of sand
and hold it to show the work of my hands…
But it isn’t until I release it that
humility and grace appear as it disappears.
The spinning gets the looks, the laughs
and invites the wonder of what we all hold
in our hands that can be released.

I am under whelmed by the simplicity of it.

9 thoughts on “>Beach Bowling for ONE SHOT

  1. >I thought I had posted a comment but I must have lost it somewhere. I think we all construct that ball of wet sand, and then we find it slipping through our fingers, and becoming an unformed pile on the ground.Really like this, Jerry.

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