>Surf’s Up…For Friday Flash 55


Sea, what you say,
come with me,
let’s go play              again.
I’m under your tow,
come on please
let me go                  again.
Oh, tip up your tide
let’s take a quick ride          again.
Break on my turf,
take me out,
let me surf               again.
Sea what you wave,
curl ‘round me
tube like a cave       again.

16 thoughts on “>Surf’s Up…For Friday Flash 55

  1. >Hey this almost sounds like song lyrics, roll me rock me all night long, etc. fun 55. I think if you'll take advice, change your blog information section to read "gardening" instead of "yardwork" Hahaha.have a good weekend.my 55 is up for all my poet friends, HEREDianne

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