>Jesu…………………A somethin’ Sunday poem


He was cradled in time,
as are we.
Strips of cloth
upon his reception.
Strips of cloth
when he left,
and stripes on his
back in between.
His unneeded coverings
except that we
would misunderstand and
clothe our minds with
judgment as this naked
man walked before us.
Our self sewn coverings
hem us in.
Clothes hide
our possible integrity.
Drapes darken our
own insecurity.
A woman with disease
running through her veins
touched the hem of
his garment…
and capillaries were
sewn together like that hem.
Almost unknowingly
healing escaped through
the seams.
Our hems try to keep
us from unraveling.
But the threads
will in time
weave their way out
and we will be exposed.
Healing will come in our
His loose clothing was
a foreshadowing of his undressing.
Naked he was to wear
stripes and piercing
tightly to his soul.
Wounds hemmed to
his heart never to
be unraveled.
His covering so we
could once again be
naked without shame.

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