>To Aire Is Human

many roads I have seen
yet the one before me
calls and curves an echo
into a question mark
          man made rails
guide man made
the hills rise to brush me
the valleys bow to invite
humble awareness’s
in the shadows
of gravel and sage
coyotes whine
and brown tailed hawks
wander their own
guided rails
and I have freedom
to course the rabid
scapes unknown to me
top down
white walls
the echos to
their aires

13 thoughts on “>To Aire Is Human

  1. >Well done, Jerry. You added the details that the photo imagines but doesn't state. And the "guided rails" – the reference to the fence alongside the road – suggests that nature runs a kind of parallel track. I really like this.

  2. >Wonderful title and vivid imagery prompting the reader to reflect further. The winding road "calls and curves an echo / into a question mark" Great lines and agree with Glynn's "guided rails" comment. Cheers.

  3. >I like the imagery in the poem, esp. brown tailed hawks wander their own guided rail." Living here in the mid-west, I see a lot of the brown tailed hawks guarding their territory.

  4. >Brillant Jerry, your words and the photo make me long for the open road and the high desert…there is something beautiful about sagebrush and an empty road….blessings this Sunday morning…bkm

  5. >I loved how you took everything in…the road, the rails, the car, the sky, the land…Beautiful, Jerry. And a sense of the road stretching ahead with all that unknown to explore is wonderul…

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