>Aurora Borealis


we stood together
almost silently
with mutual awe
for the celestial
pointing with
guiding words
of wonder as
the glowing curtain
danced and skipped
in the northern sky
like a nervous ghost
its translucent
evening gown
tucked and furled
in the folds of
the wind
we stood together
straining to see
the mystery
of us
for my son Nathan

14 thoughts on “>Aurora Borealis

  1. >Amazing description in the third stanza that struck me—nervous ghost attending a ball—what a way to look at it! Though even better to share it with your son 🙂 Great One Shot, Jerry!

  2. >Hats off Jerry..this one is an outstanding beauty!i must say i am impressed with your bio too..sounds like you are a real human being with a very kind heart.cheers to you and Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family..:)

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