>She Has Written


Oh what a night
Late December back in ‘63
She entered a fiesta world
a Latin girl with a root
word for me
A pure form
tucked on a shelf
in the secret
end of the stacks
a book mark of
rose petal 
In a quiet place
whispers came
when my heart
faint a beat
she became free
verse laid on
the dark night
of my soul
Her breathing became
a deep press on my
and grace became her
and grace became us
yet not this word
lay in the page
in the stacks
It was another
love fell out
as I opened the page
and a petal
I placed in my
breast pocket
There is none
so written in my life
there is none
Happy Birthday Barbara
2010 December 22

8 thoughts on “>She Has Written

  1. >A love poem that literally reminds me of a book of love the way some phrases continue into following lines, coupled with the imagery, I imagined turning pages. Happy Birthday to Barbara. And Merry Christmas!

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