>Long Shadows


As Elton said
 “don’t let the sun go down.”
Last night as it rested briefly
 on a grove of trees
a melancholy hit me in the
eyes right below the visor.
If only I could hold it up with a tripod of candy canes.
I like the feel of shadows rolling out like cookie dough.
I wanted to pull the truck over
and grab garbage can lids
and old pie tins
and child shaped
have at it.
Cookie cut my
children out of the
silhouette of my truck.
All those evenings out
helping Santa git er done.
I missed many winking suns
with the children. 
So now you golden sphere
I ask you for a continuance.
Please, just ‘til I get them cut
out and laid within
the light of my heart.

9 thoughts on “>Long Shadows

  1. >i like this a lot jerry – many beautiful lines likeholding melancholy up with candy canes and shadows rolling out like cookie dough… and hope it's getting calmer now and you can spend more time with your fam…and thanks for coming back on my "lost coins" – think you were spot on with what you wrote..

  2. >I liked this. There are times when you want to freeze-frame life…so you can get back to it when you have the proper time. You captured that essence perfectly, Jerry.

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