I am almost fifty.  Does that entitle me to adorn a little prudishness from time to time?  I was up in the night and I got thinking about how often I see OMG in a day.  Especially since I FB, those letters line up, usually with an explanation mark tagged on.  Now you might be thinking…”Get off of it geezer, it’s common culture now, it’s our time now.”  Well, to those I say “Give me a minute to exercise my free speech right, and then I will get off of it.”
Listen, I have family members who use this acronym.  I have quizzed them on it. “It means ‘oh my goodness’ dad.”  I tried to explain to them that the general public won’t interpret it that way.   The real thing is the general public doesn’t give it a second thought.  If it means “oh my goodness” do visions of Shirley Temple with pursed lips enter from stage left in our mind?  …only if we are over 65. I remember years ago making a delivery to a receptionist.  She was on the phone and said to her friend “Oh my gall”. Oh my gall? Really?  It sounded stupid to me at the time but at least this young lady had thought about God as another person perhaps.  By the way, this was 20 years ago.
Oh, I can hear it now, “here comes the judge, it’s time to right click outta this.”  That is God’s gift to you, the freedom to choose. 
Hey, I am a follower of Christ and I believe that God exists.  Because that belief exists I have reason to believe that I can talk to God.  I have talked to God on many occasions.  There are many times I know it would have been good to talk to God.  When I watch Extreme Home Makeover(I happen to really love that show btw.)and they MOVE THAT BUS, almost without a hitch OMG comes out.  Are they really referring to the God who exists and is personal to them?  Please excuse me, but wouldn’t “holy shit” be a better expression.  What?  Did I shock you?  At least a feces doesn’t have a personality.  Oh, that’s right, that word is not allowed on network T.V.  Please understand that given the situation, expressions and emotions would gush out of my wife and me if our house was leveled and a dream house took its place.  When overwhelming situations surprise us often what we say out of our mouths is a default system of where we are in our life.  Why, just yesterday, I was told an old friend that I hadn’t seen in 15 years or so was right up the road.  “Holy shit” came out of my mouth…I immediately covered my mouth in the present company.  
Now listen, all you OMG-ers, I am about to get off of this o.k.?  You can respond with a dissertation on HS.  I am just thinking that when it comes to using the name God, give God a second thought.  In the mean time I will wonder a bit about the words that come out of my mouth.  I will talk to God about them too.  Oh my God, show me the way.

2 thoughts on “>OMG

  1. >I don't use OMG…I usually pointedly use OMGosh instead.I have asked atheists on web forums I frequent why they use that first acronym so freely and have usually gotten a lame answer. If you look at it, "my God" is not their God. They don't believe in my God or any god for that matter, so logically, they should not use that term. But these folks who seem so addicted to logic in every other situation don't seem to see the logic here. 😀

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