I was informed last night that the peers at school are applying their pressure.  My son recently went back to school after being home schooled for quite a while.  He has his quirks like everyone else.  Quirks accepted and\or ignored at home are now framed in a culture which is far beyond any sub-super-culture in existence.  So it starts.  He immediately spent his mowing money on an MP3 player.  Music to one’s ear has to be music in one’s ear. 
Then the earth’s gravitational pull begins to increase.  Like a chihuahua pulling on his belt-less pant legs they start their descent.  The pants, with no right to vote, are recalled to a lower position.  Then lower back dimples begin to rise like phantom eyes…like the fake eyes that spiders have tattooed on their backs to scare their predators.  Then what used to be unthinkable sears an image on the brain of any unsuspecting innocent…a line, shaded like a crease in a folded paper, begins to rise out of the depths.  A line of distinction, of definition, rises above the denim lattices which once were a covering.  Is it a sign that thousands of plumbers are in the making?  Will there be an increased need for “under the sink” repair for the gazillion baby boomers retired in their condos? 
I think not.

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  1. >There is light at the end of the tunnel, Jerry, though it might not seem that way now. They do grow up and grow into individuals again. And (best part) the pants find a way to climb up again 🙂

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