>Forgiving Stains

Don’t walk away in the angry light
of dissolution.
Differences happen.
Give deference a chance
to curve the light into
a spectrum of grace.
Please stop and turn to
me and let’s stand
in the charcoal base
of who we are.
Maybe then the passion
red as blood fruit
will spill on us.

10 thoughts on “>Forgiving Stains

  1. >"Please stop and turn tome and let's standin the charcoal baseof who we are."Written wonderfully; deep poem. Asking one to turn around and face what is, even down to level of carbon. Also, like how there are no guarantees indicated by the maybe near the end.

  2. >the charcoal base of who we are,Maybe then the passion red as blood fruit will spill on us – There is so much hope in the last line but we must first be willing to face the ugliness of who we really are in such moments, as the preceding line states. If we can do this then the "passion red as blood," (which btw reminded me of Christ's passion of the cross which grants us everlasing forgiveness)can spill on us.Great take on the photo and a beautiful hopeful poem!

  3. >I love how 'rage' and 'passion' are both pictured through the red in the picture, and brought out so beautifully in your painted word picture. Best poem I read today. Loved it.

  4. >I like where you went with this, Jerry – the yearning for love reconciled. Love that line – "charcoal base of who we are," suggesting fire, passion, and even art.

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