Now there’s a woman that might understand me.
Let me see if this does anything for me.
She re-inhales it like Ottoman incense.  Eyes closed.
I still like the smell before it is lit.
There’s an exquisite juggler of wine, Cubana and the mystical fog
between them.
This isn’t working for me.  I give.

17 thoughts on “>Assumption

  1. >I think you have captured the hedonism and narcissism of the event. For these two, it's all about…me, me, and me. There sure is a fog between them. I don't know if the fog is mystical but it sure is a mystery for them.

  2. >That last line is a zinger! And set up so well through the tone and a great opening line that made me chuckle. The distorting mystical fog is an excellent detail to add to your poignant commentary. "I give" Honest, creative approach—great write!

  3. >Anticipation is seldom matched by reality. (The smell for me is fine while the cigar is burning, but absolutely foul later in the hair and clothes.) Excellent and strong finish and a very coherent, well done piece altogether.

  4. >Interesting – like the play with textual type for the different POVs. Well-crafted anticipation, an intriguing interplay of thought and reality, with a killer end. Potent work.

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