>It Just Is


the words never written are

perhaps the purist
the pictures never taken are
perhaps the most perfect
the music never played is
perhaps the most transcendent
the freedom comes when
you don’t have to
                                                                                                                                     and love is never a
                                                                 it just is
                                                                 it just is

15 thoughts on “>It Just Is

  1. >Nice ones! both the photo and the poem Thanks.What does that say about the painting not attempted-? expression left undone because of a projection…

  2. >Izzy, hmmm good question. I think it is the same with painting, but the point is when these creative musings manifest(at least for me)I suggest that there is always a chance of motives of applause, pats on the back, and in this genre and adding up of comments to skew the motivations of extending to others. I don't, by any means, think that we should keep it inside because of impure motivation…shoot, if we did that, look at all the beautiful creativity(which I believe is a proof of our being created in the image of God)we would miss out on and how dull our existance would be. I will keep posting despite any foreign motivation, whether conscious or subconscious.By the way I don't sit around and pick on motivations, I just know the pitfalls of my ownpast wounds and how they rise to infect my motivations from time to time.

  3. >Well – motivation wise I came to blog: for the challenge,for suggestions, encouragement- AND the occasional pat on the back. I often do notpaint, draw etc. because I don't always care for my style. Also projecting how the picture will turn out…I need to just apply some 'program'principles, to my painting! Thanks for visiting and responding~

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