>High Coup Bow


                                       no retirement
                               traded in the light saber 
                                  the force suspended

Submitted for One Shoot Sunday.  Photo by JackAZ photography.

11 thoughts on “>High Coup Bow

  1. >haiku-ul…this prompt is unlike many others…not just a flower, or a wall of bricks, or…an iconic image with much room for "playing around"mornin' JPeace, hpI have one

  2. >After a lifetime spent in intergalactic warfare, one would think he'd at least have a pension. When Vader hocks his sabre, the economy must terrible. Force suspended, indeed.

  3. >Agree with Steve Isaak—One of my favorites in this batch. More and more I am liking short, punchy stuff, but when, as here, the final touch is supplied by the reader's pondering, then most excellent.The tone is quippy, but there's a dark edge.

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