>Grace in the Fireplace


out of power
out of type
so many blogs
so much hype
the fire in its place
lays words of grace
no hum
no ho
take in
the glow
the fire in its place
lays words of grace
thoughts like smoke
up they flue
nothing else
to do
warm fire in its place
such grace

10 thoughts on “>Grace in the Fireplace

  1. >So cold inside You can see your breathThank God for fireplacesOr else you'd catch your Death!Sorry about the Power, Spring is just around the corner.Thanks for playing, your a trooper, Have a Kick Ass Week-End.

  2. >I feel your pain, Jerry.We used to lose power regularly when we lived in Southfield. A fireplace is a real blessing in times like that!(We'd be screwed if we lost power now – we've got no fireplace in our Westland home!)

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