I didn’t mean to leave you
in my dreams.
Yet is was dream on dream
on dream and then…
I woke up in the arms
of Jesus.
His hands touched my
cheeks like you did.
His eyes twinkled brown
into mine like you did
every morning.
He sang lullabies
that both of us know.
We went for walks
and talked about
how much we love you.
I told Him how I missed
you and yet the ache
wasn’t there like
when it was nap time.
He said, “Claire-bear, here
time is set aside, like when
you would play and play
and your imagination
was free and full.
Your Mommy will be
here before you can
flash a dimple.
It will be as if she
came along too.
Then the three of us
will rock in the chair
in the lazy afternoon
hours of the day
and dreams will come
absolutely true.”
 Written for Hollie
for Claire’s 2nd Birthday
By Gerald Barrett

1 thought on “Clair-bear

  1. >Claire unexpectedly died in her sleep after a day with a fever. The autopsy revealed a rare virus only detectable through a test that is not routinely done.

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