>Take Five


Stop staring, stop acting
and get out there and make it real!
Don’t you see the curtain’s up on your life!

“All men die, few men truly live.”

“What we do today will echo in eternity.”

“To thine own self be true.”

Go on, sell yourself, it won’t cause death.

We both know we ran this place into the ground
and lost our souls…now all were left with is
identity confusion.

Go wait tables some where and remember
your roots.  Find the someone you were before
all the make-up and masks.  I will too.

In the mean time Shakespeare
will blow some wind
through here and reset the place.

I’ll see you back here in five years.
Maybe then we won’t have to use
this place like a controlled substance.
Maybe then when we take off the makeup
and the masks there will be an actor
that looks like he took five.

Photo by Jacob F. Lucas.  It’s One Shoot Sunday at One Stop.  Picture this.

12 thoughts on “>Take Five

  1. >When moving from Shakespeare to Gladiator and Braveheart, it's no wonder the stage is in ruins. I think a "take 5" may definitely be in order. lol Great title, excellent poem.

  2. >Yeah i kind of like it too Jerry, though I never have been able wear masks and never hit the mark either. One day though the back door to the stage will open and I will have simply quit the business and write Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

  3. >I certainly helped build the scenery – like that tree- I never stepped out on a stageother than in a Christmas pageant… Thanks for your poem!

  4. >The curtain's up and we poor players are certainly into the strutting and fretting, making the maximum noise because soon we know we'll be heard no more. Taking five is an excellent counterbalance to all the drama. "using this place like a controlled substance" <-very nuanced,I like it.Thank you also for making the words white again. ;_)

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