>Or WHAT!?


Chop sticks
chap stick?
Chap Stick
Both touch the lips.
Tube socks
tube steaks?
Both retain water.
phone sex?
Both captive…ate.
Bow Flex
flexing beau?
Both impress.
Lynn is vile?
Both can squawk.
rubber band?
Both are a stretch.
Gypsy queens
Burger kings?
Both are loosely royal.
Curtain call
certain fall
Both are taking bows.
Poetic justice
just a poet
Both are needful.

10 thoughts on “>Or WHAT!?

  1. >You presented some interesting narrative comparisons without being judgmental. Which is a feat. You've left the reader there to judge for themselves using their own where with all to decide if your conclusion are proper ones or not. Nice and compactly done Jerry.

  2. >I was trying to think of one and drawing a blank, Jerry. Great wordplay, logic play too. My favorite was Gypsy Queens and Burger Kings—both are loosely royal. Ha! Very witty across the board with these pairing. Great conclusion too.

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