>Trolling under the Fridge


I moved the fridge out.

It’s been a couple of months.
Dust bunnies, like fog
blanket the odd lots.

Cat toys,

Milk jug rings,
Number 2 pencils,
Hairy dog kibbles,
Dead bodies (army men),
Magnets huddled together,
Cap’n crunch berries,
Matchbox cars,
Cookie sheet?,
AND tile flooring!

This poem was a facebook inquiry yesterday…the answers to what one would find under the fridge are included above.  Except those who only go under there when they buy a new refrigerator or wonder why anyone would clean under there.  I am sure there are many other things you might have found under there…Well, sweep them into the comment section below.
Happy Friday everyone!

13 thoughts on “>Trolling under the Fridge

  1. >whew glad you found the floor under there….dead bodies had me scared for a second…its like slipping your hand around the couch cushions you never know what you will find…

  2. >we once found a whole Linzercake behind the fridge…agh… love the eyes on that dust bunny – guess your children have loved this – i think you are a wonderful dad

  3. >There wasn't any Necco's or Walnetto under there eh?I'm sure you have me beat in the under the fridge categorieLoved your 55 Jerry.Thanks for playing, thanks for dusting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. >You wife is far more indulgent than mine. Mine would be rather upset if I described what we've found from time to time under the fridge. Good one, Jerry.

  5. >Funny! But at least it was under the refrigerator. There were times when my kids were small that many of those things made their way to inside the refrigerator.

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