>Why Did I Do You Like That?


My life in BOLD face
about face
in disgrace.
Weak willed and
succumbed to
a stiletto wind.
Every heel sometimes
breaks off ingrate.
No initial pain
of a sliver slice
and blood hesitates
to flow.
Before I know it
a valentine trail
drips leaving evidence
to find my way home.
Platelet  crumbs of your heart.

10 thoughts on “>Why Did I Do You Like That?

  1. >My life in BOLD faceabout facein disgrace.Weak willed andsuccumbed toa stiletto wind…fun word play, super poetic for me, enjoyed the waves of your dips in life and glad to see you hit home in the end…enjoyed your 55,Have a lovely weekend.

  2. >"..Every heel sometimes/breaks off ingrate." You can punctuate that various ways and make it say quite a lot more than your normal six words. Lots of twists and turns on this interior Hwy 55, and a perfect last line.

  3. >Hey! Where's the glitter glue here, Jerry? ;)Seems there's a lot of blood lately…too much. Makes me wonder how much a heart can really take.

  4. >Aren't we upbeat and chipper on this beautiful Spring Day!I hope the Sun burns off this gloom brother.Heavy 55 My Friend.Thanks for playing, and have Kick Ass Week-End

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