>Tone Deaf

>The concept of faith has whispered in tone deaf ears.  My tone deaf ears.  Faith’s tone is a distinct one.  I recently read that Kierkegaard coined the term “leap of faith” which gives the tone of setting reason aside.  Understanding per se takes a break and we jump over it to God and His mysterious ways.

I have a friend who is a mechanical engineer and he often will deconstruct a beautiful object or room or, or anything.  He would wonder how a certain thing was formed, compiled, or constructed.  In those moments of wondering the concept of resting(faith) in the beauty of a creation is set aside.  It’s an engineers mind and if you know one you know what I am talking about.

Humbly I would say that God is the master engineer.  His designs are far superior to our Image bearing manipulations of this material world.  Besides, the idea that God can perfectly deconstruct an infinite amount of things is probably unnecessary given his all-knowing nature.

I have been slowly memorizing Psalm 19, which is one of my favorites.  We look up and are in awe, or we are detached and/or dead.  “The heavens declare the glory of God…” My eyes leap and defy for a moment the gravity glue on the souls of my feet.  For a moment every now and then I set aside my arrogance and refrain from deconstruction and stand below the wonder of it all.

Faith’s biblical description is found in several places.  It is the evidence of things hoped for yet not seen.  It’s underlined in the stories of people in the 11th chapter of Hebrews.  The scriptures state that it comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.  This brings me full circle to my hearing impediments, often chosen.  I stick reason in my ears and “La, la, la, la,…”  “If there was a way to drown out faith…”  “I am not sure I can leap that far…”  The self talk would morph into murmuring and complaining and the object of my affection would fade away.

I will once again pull my fingers out and point up to the heavens and breathe deep and my heart might even leap.

Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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