When Sleep Came

Photo: Miss you.

Your eyelashes moved the
air between us.
The lids which carried them
would swing open and shut…
open and shut.
And there, soft blue would
circle the light within you.
That little light of yours
that did shine…
did shine on us.
When we were with you
lower loves were called up
to the higher one.
Agape’ would surface…
it would surface in us.
Your family would see
your smiles spread across.
Sometimes you would
lend them to the rest of us…
to rest on us.
A language from above
you would speak.
A coo of your own tongue
would rise above our questions…
rise above our questions.
Without a first step,
without a framed embrace,
without a formed word,
you spoke into our lives….
spoke into our lives.
And we slowed down
down to our being
where the still small voice is
that voice you heard
that voice we hear.
And when sleep came,
it came so sweetly and
air slipped in and out and
God held our breath…
God held our breath.
For the Webb family
in honor of Aiden Josiah Webb
April 1st 2011

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