>Family Fusion

a dozen divergent possibilities
descend upon me
even now

even now
they upend me
a dozen veins of vision

blessings in their own right
bring life in
a minute

a minute
passes wonder
around me pulses giving

family is it’s own grace
God steps in time
to appear

to appear
in relational cues
a nuclear family fusion

3 thoughts on “>Family Fusion

  1. >What a beautiful family, Jerry! I don't know how you find even a spare moment to craft such beautiful poetry, but I'm glad you do.I loved this stanza:"a minutepasses wonder around me pulses giving" – just gorgeous!

  2. >wow jerry – what a family… i mean i knew you have a big family, but seeing them all on a pic….wow…deepest respect for what you're doing – and i bet you do well..a nuclear family fusion…smiles

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