Columnist, communist, capitalist con

standing without his pants on.

A greek, a geek, a one cheek sneak

stepping strong but a little weak.

An image, an homage, a page of the age

a change of wind upon his stage.

All heady, not ready, to redly drape

a flag of a hero like a cape.

No scars, no mars, no bruises of battle

no callouses, nor replicas or sores of a saddle.

Drop the pole, the role and see what you’re made of

all bare and barely a man when you step up.

Walter Parada photogragh for One Shoot Sunday poetry challange.

11 thoughts on “Columnist

    • Did this one on The fly This Mornin’ thanks…this afternoon I will have time to check out some of the other responses to the prompt

  1. As you say – all show and no substance :-
    ‘No scars, no mars, no bruises of battle

    no callouses, nor replicas or sores of a saddle.

    Love the fun of it.

  2. Most entertaining – I’ll admit to a laugh – though certainly biting through it. Quite a different take from others have ventured out, but a witty and engaging one. A man of many faces it would seem, here…

  3. Very good stuff, Jerry. An excellent flow and the singsong rhyme really drives the needle-sharp, and unfortunately all too real message home. Enjoyed it much.

  4. Enjoyed the rhyme and the jab in your take of that quite perfect image, Jerry! I love how it crackles with irony and blunt reality. Thanks!

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