Lone So Me

Lonesome spider,

Lone so me

yet I do not cling

on a desert ceiling.

I cling to terra

testosterone in a


The one I glance at

on my way home.

A space set apart

to bend my neck

to the little low

creatures and

blades bendable.

Lone so me

set apart for

moments at a time

for restoration

and grazing.

I do not cling

on a desert ceiling.

I rest in spring

and solitude.

5 thoughts on “Lone So Me

  1. Was so great seeing your avatar – had to say hi!

    Like this look at the spider – I notice each day a new crop. And then there is life etched in there…

    Hope all is well 🙂

    • Just started using WordPress and am slow on picking up on it’s nuances. I especailly want to figure out how to comment on other blogs better…especially blogger…which a lot of my writer freinds use. Thanks for stopping by…all is well, just super busy with the family and work and I miss writing.

  2. smiles. a peaceful little ritual in seeing a spider…sounds like you are clinging to thhe right things in the end…hope things slow down for you soon enough jerry….

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