Saturday Cartoons


Within a desire to hold warm peanut butter and banana toast

Within a longing for milk to break free the damming consistency
of such adolescent delicacy

Is a small freedom to sit in a chair the same color of old people
shoes and their Buicks(Somewhere between tan and gray)

Pulling the on button out and seeing a little white dot
expand into Looney Tune scenery

Why just last night before I left work all I said was “My
name is Elmer J. Fudd…”  and from across

room came a spontaneity and recall…”Milwanaire, I own a
mansion and a yacht.”

I laughed and pointed…ah yes, someone else heard one of Mel
Blanc’s many voices!

So this morning I sat in front of this screen wondering what
to do

Shall I pray

Shall I play

Shall I remember when Saturday morning was a little church
service of sorts with Pastor Blanc

Saying things that show up in my mind when I am fifty

I hear the “tune” of Looney Tunes like a hymn sometimes and
with it brings an odd sense of peace

A peace of a childlike zoning on a sun porch on Grand Avenue

A freedom just to be humored  a little and fill some files for recall

“Nayhhhh…what’s up doc”

“I say, I say, fortunately I keep my feathers numbered for
just such an emergency”

“Wabbit season”

…now is time to add some of your own in the comment section….

3 thoughts on “Saturday Cartoons

  1. ha – i just have a desire for warm peanut butter and banana toast now…hmmmm…
    my daughters have a never ending game: they start with a line from a movie and the other has to recite a line from the same movie…and so it goes…and they can play for hours…i don’t watch enough movies..and i think i’ve never seen looney tunes completely from beginning to end..agh….gap in education..i know..
    have a lovely weekend jerry

    • Our favorite family movie is Three Amigos…My wife is from Mexico City and when we get together with her side of the family, between all of us we can pretty much quote the whole movie. Cheers to you …enjoy your weekend. I am still not at home with words press so my comments on blogs aren’t too many lately…especially blogger….

  2. daffy duck : “it’s wabbit season!”
    bugs bunny: “duck season!”
    dd: “wabbit season!”
    bb: “duck season!”
    dd: “wabbit season!”
    bb:”rabbit season!”
    dd: “duck season! fire!”

    and then bugs bunny shoots daffy duck. so gullible, that daffy.

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