Night Light

Odd, it used to be totally dark,

and why not, they are asleep.

They lie in their cradle, tucked in tight.


The other night I looked over as I drove past.

I noticed little lights which were salted

in the yard, in the garden of stones.


Then I remembered the first time

I saw a solar lamp illuminating

a grave marker…”Dark” was the name.

I tilted my head and with furrowed brow

thought to myself.

“Of course, that makes perfect sense.”

That family name is only a shadow of sorts,

so why not set a juxtaposition

for those who care to look.


We set a lamp on our memories.


When death visits, as it does more frequently

now that mid-life is in the rear view,

I have heard interesting phrases.


Once my wife said,

“Can’t we get him a blanket?…

It is so cold in here.”


Brief reality breaks.


I think of when my dad laid down

for a forever nap.

The parlor room was dimly lit.

“Normal” things were said…

“He is at peace now…”

I got pissed and said out loud, even louder,

“This isn’t the way it was supposed to be!”

God’s plan wasn’t for anyone to die!”


I wonder how many stand around in the visiting wake

wondering, praying an angel would appear

on the closed half of the casket.

Its wings unfolding a supernatural light

which would fall on the face of the deceased.

“He is not here…” would come out of angelic lips.


Separation is not normal

yet we acquiesce.

Eventually we put the pain

in tis proper perspective…

wherever that is.


When I head west where the sun sets,

in the direction of time passing,

I look over and strain my eyes

to read another marker.




I haven’t noticed a solar lamp there.

I might just sneak over there

and stick one next to it.



“I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.”  John 11:25


For Pete and those who suffer loss.


Submitted for …


~ Poets Pub

7 thoughts on “Night Light

  1. A lovely share.. your words again moved me as it does when the subject is death and hope. And those parting words are beautiful.

    Love these lines:
    We set a lamp on our memories.
    When death visits, as it does more frequently
    now that mid-life is in the rear view

    Nice to meet you ~

  2. smiles. yeah me too…having wrote earlier this week on the death of my MIl a few years ago you caught me witha few line…hope is something we have to cling to as we continue forward….

  3. You are right, death is not what was originally planned, yet we acquiesce, and move onto Hope; and put a lamp there. I haven’t had anyone close to me die yet… know it will be hard to bear.

  4. jerry – honestly – i love that you got pissed and that you shouted the truth into their face…this is brave…but i guess that’s what you are…wonderful take on such a difficult-to-handle topic

    • Thanks…I am missing being able to visit blogs this summer. It’s been super busy and work has me gone long hours. What is the title of the first poem you wrote about your dad over a year ago?

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