They were putting an addition onto a funeral home.

Down the street they are adding onto the McDonald’s.

More Burgers, more bodies?


As we pound in the French fries like nails

in our coffin, I reach for my shake,

and my face becomes gaunt in the sucking.


I can see the funeral director checking the

“Mickey” stock price.

It rises like a sesame bun, so

walls rise to make room


I read the nutrition labels like an obituary.


The parallels hold like a pall bearer,

and release the brass handle in front of the

fountain drinks.


DIEt coke with lots of ice.

A burger embalmed with salt.

An “autumn” shake.


Come now and let us reason together.

Dare I go through the drive thru

in a hearse?


“Super Size That.”








3 thoughts on “Additions

  1. That is what life is at the moment…fast food and fast posts. Thought about the addition on the funeral home for weeks…drive by it every morning. Thanks for stopping by…hey, you want fries with that?

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