Give Me a Bite of that Apple

because I’m definitely outside the garden.

I’m out in the carb jungle and it shows.

Where can I buy fig leaves with spandex?

I know why A and E hid.

I know why I want to hide.

My pants don’t fit right, I mean,

I don’t mean to sag, that’s not how I

usually roll, but now I have a roll and

it sags and my buttocks are packing

their bags and heading northeast.

I used to have a button on my belly and

now there’s just a button hole.

I have to think about where I tie my shoes.

A short chair is best or

I come up with no air in my chest.

Hand me that apple so

I can bite it to the core.

I’ll have it bronzed and stick it

on my dash to remind me

of my core within.

Maybe an apple a day

will make my belly go away.


16 thoughts on “Give Me a Bite of that Apple

  1. oh jerry…you always make me smile..tried to picture you on that chair…smiles – my daughters have baked cookies today…think i should head for the apples instead…smiles

  2. This was great fun. I know that for the sake of not wasting I have indulged far too much this year! I keep telling myself…when the apple pie from Thanksgiving is gone…or I’ll eat this pumpkin bread for breakfast, but when it’s gone…

  3. I do recall how at college the health lecturer would maintain that if you always ate exactly what you fancied, over a period of weeks you would have eaten a balanced diet. Don’t suppose that helps, does it?

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