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Gerald the Writer

This time of year reminds me of when Barbara and I were dating.  It is also the season of our anniversary.

I remember when we would walk downtown and would always end up at this quaint little café.  Its ambiance was aesthetically warm and intimate.  Honestly, though, aesthetic beauty wasn’t needful when I was with her, her beauty made even me look good.  Nevertheless the ambiance of the café was afforded us each time we strolled, hands together, in the romance of sidewalks and shops.

I would open the door and a bell would ring as she walked through as if I wanted everyone to look at the prize I brought with me.  The cafés allure framed her personality perfectly.  We would always look for an open place near the windows.  I would pull out the chair from the small oval table skirted with earth toned embroidery.  The timing of…

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