Off The Top Of My Heart (Valentine-type misquotes of love.)

“What’s O.J.’s glove got to do with it?” Fin from Law & Order misquoting Tina Turner.


“How do I love ye, let me cipher the ways.”  Jethro Bodine slips on Elizabeth Barrett Browing.


“Now I know I have a fart, ‘cause it’s breaking…wind.”  The Tin Man messes up his lines.


“You had me at Jello.”  Bill Cosby almost remembers a line from the movie Jerry Maguire.


“I luff, luff, luff you.”  Mr. Darcy’s stand-in was lisping his way through the Pride and Prejudice lines.


“Did you shove me?”

“Did I what?!” …Tevye and Golde before the police were called about a domestic dispute.


“Love is a many splenda thing.”  Adjusted lyrics of a diabetic.



Additions welcome.  You got any?



© Gerald Allen Barrett and parentheticallyspeakingin3d, 2012.

10 thoughts on “Off The Top Of My Heart (Valentine-type misquotes of love.)

  1. Thought these were really funny. I got bit a while ago by a spider or something, took a benadryl and my mind’s all addled. Couldn’t add on but love the ones you found. Good work. G.

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