A jaundiced moon sags,


just above the tree line.


A mourning light pushes

the death of a Savior

deeper into separation.


It is a day








It has been years since I have been so moved by this season.  Death came close and now the death of Jesus skims beneath the biblical accounts to a mourning, grateful heart.  This is the one full day of silence.  Death is turning over in its grave and the sting is being removed.

10 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Jerr…always good to hear from you. Good Friday is always one of those melancholy days. I don’t remember the day my mom died and I always think of her with wonderful memories. I do get hit by Good Friday in a weird way…no matter what I am doing…then slowly…Saturday turns from post grieving to hope and we rip it up with a great Sunday celebration. Enjoy the remembrance and say Hi to Pete for me.

  2. Jerry, so blessed and encouraged by having “found” you here. Won’t it be rich that next time we greet each other we will have symbolically and viscerally celebrated setting reversed to rising and our faces can reflect the Alleluia life?

    Warm greetings to you and your family and prayers for a tender, celebratory, and restorative Easter.

  3. you capture it so perfectly…the day between…each year it feels to me like hanging between heaven and earth somehow…happy easter jerry…so good to know you

  4. Beautiful…you really captured the feeling of today. This must have been a very long day for those first disciples. Aren’t we blessed to know the rest of the story! A very happy, rejoiceful Easter to you, Jerry…

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