Jelly Beans. Miss you mom.

All the color.

All the flavor.

I started hiding them,

like my mother did every Easter.

On dusty ledges

high and low.

In tin cups

and soap dishes.

On picture frame edges.

Some of these

smooth pebbles

to be found

during the next major cleaning.


What would Jesus do

with these tiny gems?

Maybe He would hold

them in his palm

and roll them around

and smile.

He would see all the color,

taste all the flavor.

He would think of you.


That yellow one is the sunshine

that rises on your face.

That green one would be the

curving curiosity of your heart.

That white one would be

the stone you brought home

from Lake Michigan and put

under your pillow.

That marbled pink and red

one that imbued your

sensitivity and passion.

That blue one is the sky

spread above your wonder.



Each one would pass over His

life line and move and roll,

like a stone away from a tomb.

His lips would purse, then relax

into a gentle smile.



This year two of my older boys hid the jelly beans.  I didn’t want them to see my crying over jelly beans.  Sheesh!  In a while the search will ensue.  The children will be hunting for the beautiful pebbles.  If Jesus were here I wonder if he would search with them…

4 thoughts on “Jelly Beans. Miss you mom.

  1. Jerry, I think it’s good for your boys to see you cry because of memories of your Mom the jelly beans brought you. Seeing you express love and sorrow teaches them how to love and that it’s OK to let others see their sadness. There’s just too much holding everything in and trying to be strong. Showing your weakness makes you strong.

    My Mom’s been gone two Easter’s now……….I still miss her.

    I’m sure that Jesus would join the children in the hunt.

    God Bless

    • Thanks Brenda, they have seen tears from me. Today when we went to pray before dinner, my wife suggested singing the song we grew up with…The Johnny Appleseed Song. The last time I sang it was with my adult siblings, their children, my children, and nieces and nephews at my mother’s memorial. Again, I just couldn’t and now wonder if I should have. “My tears have been my meat” almost daily since my mother died. It is slowly ebbing. Sorry to hear about your mother. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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