To Area 51 and Beyond!

I stepped into area 51

and set my phaser on stun.


An alien nation was what I suspected.

My presumptions stuttered as I reflected.


The stargate malfunctioned

and my foot landed with caution.


I tried to say something heavy handed

like “The Eagle has landed.”


The Oz-zone layer sealed up behind me

and a lamp post and a faun I did see.


Rod Serling stood straight like a stone

with a cigarette and a mono tone.


Then Hitchcock’s profile a shadow cast

and his eyebrow lifted and landed on my past.


The warp woofed over time

and a wrinkle did crease my mind.


Madeleine L’engle showed me around

and told me to put my phaser down.


“51 is not all that bad”, she said.

“It is just messing with your head.”


“You think this is an Alien Nation. No no.

This is the portal of an Imagine Nation.”

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