Beauty Beyond Words, and Yet I Want Them So Badly.

Vincent, come and tell me what to say.


I am afraid.

The beauty startled me

so I came back to capture it.

Bring your brush-sickle

and lop off that bale like an ear.


Forgive me for projecting on you.


It’s not words, but my words

that lie like straw gleanings

through the stubble.


I thought of you first

to show me how stroke texture

and vibrancy with syllables.


You were self inflicted,

but your brush with faith

incited you to a beauty beyond

and you welcomed me

to whisper by your left lobe

“I see it too.”


Oil my word economy

and layer it in gobs

as age and color magnify.


Image taken from my iPhone.


This is a print of Vincent’s



4 thoughts on “Beauty Beyond Words, and Yet I Want Them So Badly.

  1. Jerry, I always feel blessed by your use of words and walk away thinking, “Wow! I wish I could write like that!” Awesome as always!

  2. love this jerry… been thinking quite a bit about him and his struggles since i visited the museum, never would’ve thought that he had such a fragile mentality and health.. yes… you don’t see it in his paintings, he captured the beauty.. did you know that at some point he worked as a preacher for the mining people?

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