3:58 a.m.

My bladder didn’t alarm me.

Thoughts pulled me out of bed

and I lifted the toilet seat anyway.

I then fumbled in the dark

and plucked a book off the shelf.


Wendell Berry started poeming me.


Old man thoughts strung

to the background hum of the fridge

and a faint ticking of the clock.


Wendell thinking in lines

and subtle turns of phrase.

Language was handled over and again

like a threshing toss in the wind.


He said what he meant

and meant what he said

like one grain of wheat.


“I know that I have life

only insofar as I have love.


I have no love

except it come from Thee.


Help me, please, to carry

this candle against the wind.”


How I long to mean like that.



1 thought on “Mean

  1. so that’s what you do in the middle of the night…reading poetry…smiles…good choice…he sounds like a wise man…
    He said what he meant
    and meant what he said
    like one grain of wheat…. we need more people like that…

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