I Like Your ‘Kind’. Random Or Not, It Is More Than A Bumper Sticker.


You waved your prosthetic limb

above your wrinkles of smile.


Your door was open at the end of the ramp

and bottled water was offered me wheel chair high.


How did your auto immunity break your leg?

You were jumping on a trampoline with your grandchild?!


You spoke little more than Korean,

But the snack you handed me needs no translation.


A yellow tail like an exclamation mark welcomes me

and a bark, a sniff, and a lick on my open palm warms the air.


You and your baby sister race to carry the parcel.

Pig tails always get me all soft in the gut.


The bouquets from a half acre of color

freely offered all summer long.


Every day I get ‘kinded’ by all the ‘you is kinds’.

I pray I make my returns in kind.


Love is kind.

2 thoughts on “I Like Your ‘Kind’. Random Or Not, It Is More Than A Bumper Sticker.

  1. oh i bet you meet a lot of fascinating people in your job…always a glimpse into another life…love this..love that a different language is no barrier..

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