Take a Walk With Me Around The Writer’s Block

I am a bit befuddled with this keyboard. It is not behaving. My fingers are resting on  a s d f    j k l ;  but the keys aren’t helping a brother out. I have been working on my mothers memoir so this blog has been getting moldy. Any ideas you would like me to blab about? Any topics you would like to see poemed? This is your chance to kick start me.

Just leave a suggestion in the comment box below and I will bring this keyboard under subjection.

Yes, I learned to type on this beauty.

11 thoughts on “Take a Walk With Me Around The Writer’s Block

  1. Possibly it is time to play “back to the future” and write some chapters through the eyes of the younger Jerry growing up with his Mom.

    e.g. Chapters:
    • Mom’s Are Perfect When You Are A Kid
    • Competing For Mom’s Attention
    • All Those Relatives That You Don’t Even Know
    • The Day I Heard My Mom Cry
    • Teenagers Skewed Perception Of Moms
    • The Day I Grew Up And Loved My Mom In Spite Of My Faults
    • The One Thing Mom Taught Me That Lives On Today

      • Websters Definition of Fodder: Animal feed is any agricultural foodstuff used specifically to feed domesticated livestock, such as cattle, goats, sheep, horses, chickens and pigs.

        I asked Webster what he thought about fodder. His definition seems inadequate for anyone penning feelings on parchment. Do not allow yourself to become domesticated through osmosis of familiarity and escape from boredom. You are more than tamed livestock. They have given up all hope of freedom. Their perception of conquering the fence is no longer as tempting as the grass they see under their stretched out skin under their chin.

        Nay I say to limitations. Never I say to possibilities. Neither fence, nor grass, nor fatted female calf shall keep me from the wondrous moments of writing free!

  2. what about that keyboard? Where did it come from? Did anything weird happen around it? Does it have any machinic quirks? I think Mr. Angeletti’s suggestion is great, but I was curious about the typewriter too.

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