“Help Me Help You.” Jerry Maguire

That was yesterday. My little rant about the keyboard not cooperating. How bold to ask my readers for fodder for this little ole blog!

When Jerry Maguire spoke this famous line it was the voice of God in a way. God wants to help, but God won’t butt in per se. God waits for us to finish chewing on pride and swallow it. The gift of our free agency is to often be used to ask for help. One recurring issue of our special needs children is that they often won’t ask for help. For nine years now after something doesn’t get done or ends up broken I’ve heard from Barbara’s mouth and my own mouth “Why didn’t you ask for help.” Or in times of total astonishment and frustration…”Ask for help!”

I wonder how many times God has stood around waiting for me to ask. God essentially is telling me “help me help you.” I keep trying to fix things without looking at the manual. I keep sitting around with arms crossed. One of Anne Lamont’s go to prayers is simply “Help!”

I really wanted to put the scene from Jerry Maguire in this post but Cuba Gooding Jr. in the end shows his rear end… Butt, ahem, but if you want to see the scene on YouTube it is brilliant writing. Funny too.

Matthew 11:28 says “Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”


James 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”

These are just a couple of verses to help you help God to help you.

8 thoughts on ““Help Me Help You.” Jerry Maguire

  1. I think that not seeing or being able to identify the need for help is a $&#^$! I can get stuck, knowing that I have the same special needs as the kiddo, but I worked it out, I did it, you do it too NOW DAMMIT! There is truth in that and I think, as a parent, caregiver, and teacher it IS my job to impart, implant, staple the missing or messed up skill onto the children as it will somehow be MY fault, my own failing them if I cannot. However, as I sit here looking at your face and I think of some of the things that get you to write what you do, I realize that I have been blessed with being sober for 20 or so daily years of a well prescribed plan that probably REALLY helped me gain the skills that I didn’t have. It is hard to remember what I had at that age, and what I had to learn later through age, experience, and that help. I really beat myself up over both manner’s of thinking and now I’m going to cry, but part of me is laughing in relief. I am not alone, is half the battle, knowing what to do next, beyond the next right thing can feel like eternity on a plate. I could now right a very long thing, I just won’t. I don’t want to mop up the floor.

    • Sounds like you learned to ask a while ago. I am thankful for your successes! Thank you for sharing part of your journey. Keep asking and praying.

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