24 thoughts on “If A Blog Falls In The Forest, Does Anybody Hear It?

    • Now I am thinking about the word “it.” Me thinks I might nickname this blog. Any suggestions? Oh, your question…Why was he upset? He started it by malfunctioning when I tried to post something. He blamed me because I wasn’t posting enough. I think a counselor is in order.

  1. I will entertain it and observe it, playing hide and peek in the trees, it doesn’t really have to play well with others then, and I will be further entertained!

    • Don’t know about the photo thing. Honestly, real life has butted into my writing time lately. Between work and end of school year goings on Billy Blog is a tad neglected. I really can’t blame him for acting out.

  2. Wait this makes me so so sad. At first I thought you were feeling invisible and I don’t like for poets/writers to feel like that. Then it occurred to me you may be having the same problems I have been having. It wasn’t pretty this morning let’s just say ….it was major malfunction junction. It took me 100x as long to publish then it left unexplainably and then it posted the wrong version…my blog may join yours in time out 🙂
    So let me know how it goes.

  3. I accidentally named my phone, “Debbie.” Don’t ask how. It had something to do with blue tooth pairing with my new car, and the car wanted to know the name of my phone, and my sister’s name popped out of my mouth. So now if someone calls me on my cell phone, the car tells me that a phone call is coming in on “Debbie.”

  4. This made me wonder if I should save my writing in another place besides Word Press. I was using Word Press. I admit it. So I copied all of my entries into another long document. So far over 36,000 words…that I have written in this place. Almost enough for a book.

  5. Frenchy the Blog Falls In the Forest!!!

    Dear Frenchy,
    I collected these antique forks for you. I placed them gently in the abandoned fox den in the foreground there, just to your far left. I thought that the frills of fancy folding might be beyond your tastes. Well, first things first Frenchy! Fortunately, there are friendly fix-it forums available to enable optimal functionality of your favorite features.


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