Shadows and Stepping Stones

Each Memorial day I visit my dad’s marker at sunrise with any of my brothers who are able to make it.

Gerald the Writer

It’s early and I step into emotion.

A dozen years laid down and tears

that burned off so many sunrises ago

now build up in cloud filled memories.

The precipitation begins and I shuffle

through all those that have cast their

shadow on me in memorable ways.

He was one who smiled half way

and laughed sideways and I

wish I could tell him half

was enough and side was a way.

He always was self defacing

and ended conversations in


As the tears fell onto

a shadow I  realized how translucent

I really am without him…how transparent

life really is when the sun pastes a stick

figure across the stepping-stones.

It was a rainbow that appeared within

the tears that promise came heavy

and every life lays down as a stepping

stone of formation.


Remembering my dad today.

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