He perched and his baton beak
led the orchestral nature of things.
Back and forth it swung.

A minute ago his wings hummed
at 80fps (80 flaps per second)
to keep a pudgy belly afloat and filled.

Then I heard chirp chattering
between two of them.
Over the hum a bickering banter.

I prayed for a translation.
“Translation is for the birds.
Foreign language sings just fine,

don’t you think?”
I hummed, nodded,
and listened to the duet.

5 thoughts on “Hummingbird

    • Thanks, as I told someone recently I believe beauty is an ongoing conversation with God. The varieties of birds I am seeing simply is amazing. God is no bore in His artistry!

  1. I love the word picture of hummingbirds conversing. I never tire of bird songs … one of my favorites: the mourning dove. Thanks for sharing, Jerry.

  2. Hi Jerry. Well I finally got to my e-mail. Enjoyed your posting. Hope you didn’t lose power this week. At least I didn’t lose any trees but what a MESS. Really makes you appreciate Consumers Energy….no water, no toilet, no electric wheelchair. Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Enjoy, you deserve the best.

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