Freedom from Information Act

Information age. We’re in it. There’s still writing on the wall, many walls to be exact. We have real news, fake news, and real fake news. 2016 was full of it, and many chimed in to spin it to be in it.

I want out. Where’s the sand in which I can stick my head? Where is the place I can be informed, but not over-informed, spun to death as it were. Even my thoughts here are on this little platform are waiting to be picked up by a passing tech-train to the cyber-out-there.

I recently read a blog about using social media in a positive encouraging way. I get it, and I want you to come away with lighter hearts and a more encouraged outlook. I have to face it though, Facebook gets the better of me sometimes. I made a not-so-smart move and picked up my smart phone in the middle of a conversation. I thought Facebook had more to say than the person sitting across from me. What a putz.

If information pulls us away from a “now” moment, a connection in real time, then let us lay down our arms, turn the volume off, flip our phones over, and see the other. Simple.

At times we need to initiate the Freedom from Information Act and form a more perfect union with those in front of our actual faces.


Stop. Put your screens down, and back away slowly. Happy Newer Year!

7 thoughts on “Freedom from Information Act

  1. Gold. Except for the fact that I keep track of my family with Facebook, it is a place I need to limit my time there…Maybe by spending more time on this platform. Not sure where I am going with my writing.

  2. Well said. Rather than rationalize our “addiction” to social media, we would do well to heed your call for us to make time for “now moments” and to put away our phones, iPads, and tablets. Just to see how addicted we are to social media, I suggest we try a little experiment: put your phone away for four hours. I was going to suggest a day, but I could hear the angry crowds crying out against the impossibility.

  3. When the landline rings during supper or a visit, will I let it go to the answering machine? At least with a landline, it doesn’t follow me to the corners of the earth so the temptation is geographically limited.

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