Heavy Cream

In hot water,

into the grind,

the grounds

of black semantic



Simple strain,

drips, rip, tip

my conscience


then steal time


to brim the rim.

Steam lifting,

Cream diving,

touch bottom,

to rise as a dream,


spreading like an

early morning kiss

of fog, dulling the

pain, easing

the tension


between the dark


and singed


A sip of silence.

White Ceramic Cup


2 thoughts on “Heavy Cream

  1. A comforting morning ritual to ease you into the day is a must in order to be properly awake.
    My one year stint as a cross border delivery driver would start at 3 am. I’d get myself ready and have my breakfast ritual. I fill my bowl with rice crispies, pour milk over the cereal, turn on the radio so you could only hear it if one was within 6 inches. Sit on a chair, tilt it back against the radio and eat my cereal with my eyes closed. If the bowl was empty before I was ready to hit the road I have a second bowl. Never a third.

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