Pandemic Pondering

Has mitigation led to manipulation or the revelation thereof?

Do masks make manifest our propensity to hide?

Will contact tracing underline or outline a community?

Does distancing lead to dysfunction or uncover it?

Will we think twice about ‘going viral’?


Has mitigation led to meditation?

Do masks reveal our trues selves?

Will contact tracing underscore our need for others?

Does distancing lead to a helpful perspective?

Will we think twice about going virtuous?


2 thoughts on “Pandemic Pondering

  1. The Choice is Ours

    As we pause do we take time to reflect
    Or do we plot our means to defect?

    As we pause do we cower in fear
    Or do we envision hope for the future?

    As we pause do we decry the non-essential
    Or do we recommit our priorities?

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