Sinking Words

Words fall flat like stones

Across the water.

A few skips, then sink

Into the silence.


It should be a good thing,

Words gaining depth

Of meaning beyond

The undertow.


At rest in the sand

Like oysters,

Words absorb, quell,

Gather the quiet.


All souls like a sea,

Hold thoughts

Below the surface,

Words settle in.

4 thoughts on “Sinking Words

  1. Nothing is ever buried and gone. If it has merit it will return and bless. If it has been pushed into the nether regions it will come back to haunt us in some form or other.
    I love the line: “A few skip and sink into the silence.”

      • The comment is partially inspired by recent news of the discovery of 215 unmarked graves of young aboriginal children of a Residential School in Kamloops BC. Over 300 Residential Schools were set up as part of the mandate of the Indian Act. As many as 30% or more of children who attended died of disease, poor nutrition and physical and sexual abuse. The last Residential School was shut down in the mid 1990’s. Cultural genocide, a very dark chapter in Canadian history that still requires a lot of healing. As a friend of mine said, they were not forgotten, mother earth embraced them till they were discovered.

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