The Birth of Motherhood

The first borne is a refocusing,

A wonderment which halves

Your heart in the mystery of it all.

Each half, if bonded together,

Is a doubling of your thrums,

And a healthy enlargement.

One little child is all it took.

You’re in a new identity.

We all see it, that cradling

Look you give over and over.

The center of gravity shifted,

And there you are swirling

round and round.

“What child is this?”

Is a daily question now…

Somewhat rhetorical,

Yet asked again and again

As if for the first time.

This is for all the new mothers and mother’s to be. Particularly Voilet, Kaleena, Chandra, and Sammy

6 thoughts on “The Birth of Motherhood

  1. Are the mothers you mention daughters of yours? It’s ten years ago I met you at a writers conference.

  2. Thanks, Jerry. Life is such a sacred and beautiful gift. I look back now and wish for more, more, more time with those little ones. I was so harried….

  3. While the first born creates a stellar change, the second and following heighten and deepen the stellar change. The awesomeness of new life. The mystery of the experience, never to be undone.

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